In general, most people, including few sales managers, say that marketing means "selling" or "advertising." It's true that these are one among the parts of marketing. But marketing is much more than selling and advertising. To better understand the word marketing is to know exactly what is the consumer's requirement. It provides needed direction for production and helps to make sure that right goods and services are produced and find their way to consumers.

Business for a company, any goods or service targeting particular consumers starts from marketing and ends in marketing. We give the clear route to entrepreneurs to create self-awareness about marketing for any new Endeavour in their business.


Sales is not just trading a commodity, and it means complete planning of your targeted goal in the business for your company's every annual growth. On sales part, we provide entrepreneurs to understand the whole vision about a Product, its Price, Place, Promotion, Personal Selling, Mass Selling, Sales Promotion, Targeted turnover and kind of salespersons needed for the product, Selection, and training procedure, Compensation and motivation approach, Personal selling techniques.

Distribution Network

If an entrepreneur wants to create a successful brand in the market, they should have their distribution network directly or indirectly to reach their targeted consumers in a hassle free manner. In the flummoxed market condition, a brand requires their own distribution is always the right way of professional value added for your brand and your company.

We provide a complete solution to create the distribution network across the country in the easiest way to reach your products across the potential market boundaries, which will give brand sustainability and long-term yield in the business.


Retail network is doing a most important role in the firm and retailers are the front line people to handle the company's targeted consumers. Without retailing, no sales will be completed on its business quadrant.

D2R provide the micro level distribution planning for different nature markets across the country and helps you to reach the products to tail end customers to create brand loyalty.


If your brand captures its own growing platform, then it is highly significant that it should transform to the next levels. In this case, STOCK KEEPING UNITS will help enormously to take the brand to capture additional market share.

We as a consultant provides a complete solution to create Stock Keeping Units Region wise and even state wise as per the need of the market and brand.


Active product promotion planning can reach a large number of people very quickly and produce a combination of long and short term results. The strength of promotional activity blends with personal selling to make a brand as an active player in the market.

As a professional, we suggest the ideology as per the product and market condition for each client's exclusive requirements.


As we train front line sales people on and off the market to explain the contemporary market situation to create awareness about how to classify markets, distributors, retailers, and even the consumers, which will help them with a way to handle the entire activities at the forefront sales portfolio.


Statistic vs. Strategy is a crucial part of any firm which will decide the face and fate of the company. D2R ensure our clients, how to manage and balance the statistic vs. strategy in an efficient manner to reach the company's ultimate goal.